Case Study


Building 450+ Backlinks Generates +22,000% Traffic to Client Site

Who Is Our Client?

Our client is a go-to source of information for everything related to building, designing, managing, hosting, and maintaining a WordPress website. Their wide-ranging blog provided all kinds of useful content in the form of listicles, how-to guides, comparisons, in-depth reviews, and advice for current and prospective WordPress users. Their visitors relied on them as a trusted source of up-to-date, unbiased, and consumer-oriented information on everything related to WordPress.


With the massive popularity of WordPress, our client was competing in a highly saturated niche with a huge number of competitors. Despite their superb content, this meant they faced an uphill battle to stand out from the crowd and become the go-to platform for WordPress-related content.

Alongside continuing to craft and publish high-quality and relevant blog content, they needed to improve a number of key metrics to continue their growth. In particular:

  • Building DA (domain authority) and improve SERP rankings
  • Leveraging links to boost organic traffic from top pages
  • Building backlinks from high-authority domains

To solve their challenges and reach their goals, our client required the help of an expert in the field of SEO strategy and link building.

The Solution

As with all our previous projects, our link-building team approached the client’s problem from multiple angles, while also tailoring our strategy to their unique requirements.

By breaking down the project into milestones, we managed to arrive at the desired solution in a methodical way:

  • Our link-building team identified sites linking to similar content than what our client publishes. We reached out and established relationships with these sites, pitching our client’s content. We also looked for additional opportunities to promote our client’s informational content on third-party publications.
  • We did an extensive competitor analysis to devise a sound link-building strategy. We then launched a link-building campaign to build high-value links to our client’s resource and home pages.
  • We used the Skyscraper technique to create content that supports our link-building strategy. By researching and finding the top content available in our client’s niche, we were able to craft 3x more valuable long-form content. This included a mega-post which was the most comprehensive source of information on a given topic. We also engaged in proactive content promotion by spreading the content on social media as well as reaching out and pitching our client’s content to a targeted list of bloggers and influencers.

All this time, our team also helped the client manage and develop their social profiles on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

The Results

Thanks to the tireless commitment of our link-building team, we were able to surpass all our client’s expectations. Here are some of the concrete outcomes that show just what our efforts did for our client’s online presence:

    success matrics


    Traffic Organic

  • We helped our client grow organic traffic to their website by a massive 22,914.29%.
  • success matrics


    Visitors of Website

  • Of this, we grew the number of new visitors to their website by 76,900.00%
  • We built over 450 links to our client’s website, many of which were from high DA, high traffic websites

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