Content-Based Link Building Service

We’ll create high-quality linkable content and build at least 20 high-authority links to each asset, paving the way for you to grow your rankings, improve brand awareness, and generate more organic traffic—guaranteed.

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How It Works

After creating the content, we reach out to the quality and relevant sites for links.

Book Your Free Strategy Session

Contact us to book a strategy session with one of our Senior SEO Strategists. They’ll listen to your needs and ask questions to figure out how we can best help you reach your link-building goals.

Brainstorming & Research

We identify the best content opportunities for your website, then work with you to determine which ones are on-brand, within scope, and offer the most link potential.

High-Quality Content

We use experienced, native-speaking writers to create content of 1,500-2,000+ words, complete with custom graphics (not stock images) and other unique elements. The end result will be an engaging and original piece that enhances your content library and attracts quality links.

Outreach & Link-Building

First, our social team shares your content on social media to build social proof. After a week or two, we jump into initial outreach. Our baseline goal is to build 20-30 links for each piece of content. The number of links continues to grow as the outreach campaign continues. We promise a certain amount of links to specific monthly plans.

Get Started With No Risk

Not sure where to get started with link-building? Book a free, no-obligation strategy call with one of our SEO Strategists. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and help you figure out what kind of link-building campaign makes the most sense of your needs and budget.

Link Building With Linkworthy High-quality Content - the Most Effective Way to Earn Links and Boost SEO

Link building is tough. And it’s only getting harder. If you want to succeed in SEO, you need a lot of good links to your site. However, given the fact that earning links isn’t getting any easier, it can often be hard to to figure out where to spend your time to get the best results. Content-driven link-building strategies are the best way to acquire links for SEO in most industries.
According to a recent Ahrefs survey, the average cost per SEO link costs nearly $375. But here at Uprankly, our Content-Based Link Building Service brings down that cost: just $99-$200 per link on average (that’s about 20-30% cheaper).
Content-led link building tactics turn your site into a resource with quality contents that naturally attracts links, lowering the cost of links over time.


Grow Your Rankings, Reach, and Traffic Today with UpRankly’s Done-for-You “Link Building with Content” Service



1 Content + 20 Links

First Milestone Payment $1500. The following two milestone payment is $975 each

  • 5 Milestone payments
  • 1,500-2,500+ words
  • U.S. and Canadian writers
  • Strict quality criteria
  • Guest Post/Editorial Link
  • 6-8 Weeks



1 Content + 40 Links

First Milestone Payment $1500. The following four milestone payment is $975 each

  • 5 Milestone payments
  • 1,500-2,500+ words
  • U.S. and Canadian writers
  • Strict quality criteria
  • Guest Post/Editorial Link
  • 6-8 Weeks



1 Content + 60 Links

First Milestone Payment $1500. The following four milestone payment is $975 each

  • 5 Milestone payments
  • 1,500-2,500+ words
  • U.S. and Canadian writers
  • Strict quality criteria
  • Guest Post/Editorial Link
  • 6-8 Weeks

Please speak to us first if you need customization or need a monthly link building package.

Benefits Content-led Link Building Strategy

Increased organic search traffic

Linkable assets tend to attract a lot of “link equity” which you can then distribute to other pages on your site via internal links. This can help those pages to rank higher for their target terms.

Increased referral traffic

Links help people to navigate their way around the web. Thus, if you’re getting links from other high-traffic websites in your niche, referral traffic will likely increase.

Increased brand exposure

A popular “linkable asset helps to spread the word about your brand and causes customers to associate your brand with cool things.

Increased link-worthiness

High-quality link-worthy contents make your website a resource. Your website will attract editorial links on those content at scale and grow your website's authority within your niche.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand that hard-earned money shouldn’t be wasted on anything that dissatisfies you. As a responsible blogger outreach agency, we are committed to giving you a 100% money-back if we fail to deliver as promised. No Questions Asked!



Frequently Asked Questions

What types of content will you create for us?

We use a combination of keyword research and content performance metrics to identify the core topics your audience searches for, and we’ll look for topics in your space that reliably earn links.

Can we buy a linkable content blueprint separately?

Yes. For $1,500 we’ll provide a blueprint with 5 detailed content briefs including titles, meta descriptions, relevant keyword themes, internal link recommendations, optimized headers, and explanations of why the content is linkable.

We already have content. Can we hire you to perform outreach and link building only?

Yes. Click here to reach out. We’ll do some research on your site to see if we think we can deliver good results for you. Then, we’ll schedule a call to discuss your business and your audience, and answer questions you have about the program.

Will we get new traffic?

Keep in mind — the primary goal of these content assets is to help earn links for your domain. The content isn’t to drive huge traffic numbers. The links will help to boost the SEO and increase traffic

How long will my links be live?

Most links are live forever. But if a link expires within 6 months, we’ll gladly get you a new one.

What if I have another question that is not answered here?

Send us an email or book a call from our Contact Us page. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Get Your Free Proposal

We love to help our clients with white-hat link-building tactics. Please, let us know about your site. We will send you a proposal on acquiring links through content for your SEO.