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How It Works

Our expert create niche site that can bring in multiple sources of income from ads, affiliates and even your own products and services.

Choose a Plan

Choose your preferred content site building package.

Developing the Strategy

We will contact you to schedule a call to discuss strategy and planning.

Site Building

We will start creating the site based on the decision made in the strategy call.


We will hand over the complete site within 4 to 6 weeks.


DFY Affiliate Site Pricing



20,000 published words

If you are on a tight budget, it's ideal.

  • Niche research report
  • Affiliate product list
  • Keyword research ( Hit List)
  • Link building plan
  • Link building discount
  • Premium plugins
  • Logo design
  • Premium theme
  • Beautiful design
  • Secure (HTTPS)
  • Speed optimization
  • WordPress security implementation



50,000 published words

Begin your affiliate site with a solid foundation

  • Niche research report
  • Affiliate product list
  • Keyword research ( Hit List)
  • Link building plan
  • Link building discount
  • Premium plugins
  • Logo design
  • Premium theme
  • Beautiful design
  • Secure (HTTPS)
  • Speed optimization
  • WordPress security implementation



100,000 published words

Accelerate the chances of income by ranking for more keywords

  • Niche research report
  • Affiliate product list
  • Keyword research ( Hit List)
  • Link building plan
  • Link building discount
  • Premium plugins
  • Logo design
  • Premium theme
  • Beautiful design
  • Secure (HTTPS)
  • Speed optimization
  • WordPress security implementation

Monthly link building and content subscriptions are available.

Why Choose Us to Create Your Niche Content Site?

Since 2006, we've helped thousands of niche site builders (from places like sitesell.com) grow their websites and generate high-volume traffic.
We make sure to stay up to date on the latest in SEO and link-building strategies. And we do this by regularly having our staff complete training from sites like Authority Hackers, Income School, Tom Diggity, and more.
All of this education lets us pick, choose, and integrate the best methods to create affiliate websites. This guarantees they perform a cut above the competition. Plus, with years of hands-on experience between our staff, we've fine-tuned the process of building affiliate sites and know what does - and does not - work. Our crew is constantly testing new ways to grow traffic, increase conversions, and make more money.
So if you're looking for a company that knows what they're doing, then you've come to the right place.


Our Affiliate Website Building Process

You can hire us to develop a complete niche site for you, that you will manage by yourself. On the other hand, you can hire us to build and manage your content sites so that you are completely hands-off from running the website.

Niche Selection

Picking the right niche is very crucial for building a successful niche website. We choose a niche in which other low-authority sites are ranking, has a lot of topics to write about, and in which you can become an authority and earn a good income. 

In-depth Keyword Research

In our keyword research, we choose low and no competition keywords, pillar keywords, and other relevant keywords—all of which create in-depth topic relevancy on your site. We also include linkable content topics, so you can build backlinks with confidence!

Domain Name

Based on the decision made on the strategy call with you, we will help you acquire an aged domain or choose a new domain name relevant to the niche. The domain name will be short and memorable, with a .com TLD.

Hosting & Website Creation

Once you register your domain name, we set up WordPress on our server at your hosting. The site will be setup on an uniquely designed theme with a user-friendly, responsive option. We then install the plug-ins necessary for a niche site.

Content Creation

We publish content using pillar and cluster strategies to improve SEO and UX. We initially select long tail keywords with low or no competition for our native English speaking writers. We make sure each piece of content written by one of our writers is well written, SEO optimized, and free from grammatical errors. Before publishing the content, we include the necessary images, videos, and external and internal links.

Complete Niche Site

Within 4 to 6 weeks, we will have the complete website ready to hand over to you along with login credentials. We give you a list of keywords that help you write site content on a regular basis, as well as an editorial calendar that helps you and your writers figure out the direction of your site and how to get there. 

Ongoing Management & Operation

Depending on your budget and goals, our team can create monthly content and perform link building to get your site to the top of search engines. We can also manage the annoying technical part of your WordPress website. This will keep it safe and running at top speed at all times.

Virtual Assistant

Once your site is built, you can manage it on your own, or you can hire one of our virtual assistants to help you find more keywords, build links, manage publishing content, or do any other site related tasks on a part-time or full-time basis. Our VA can help grow your site without any training or research during the site building process.

Our Guarantee To You

You can trust our proven process of creating niche content websites. We've already helped other content sites and entrepreneurs achieve success, and we can help you do the same.
All you've got to do is follow our simple, step-by-step process to grow your website, and you're certain to get a handsome return.
But if you want to back out of your custom website for ANY reason, just let us know after 12 months of time. Then we’ll help you sell the site as quickly and profitably as possible.


Hear What Clients Say About Us

Uprankly has been providing us with link-building outsourcing services for years. I’m very selective when it comes to business partnerships and I demand a high level of customer service, accuracy, timeliness, and attention to detail from my partners. The reason that we have worked together for the past 4 years is that the team understands my business needs, and delivers exactly what I need for my clients. Thank you for your support!

Ben Kemp

What can I say? I was referred to Uprankly through some fellow webmasters, and I am very pleased with them. Their service is reliable, personal, efficient and good value for money. Link building is so time-consuming and tedious, I am so relieved that they take the load off me. I also appreciated all of the work that was done and especially receiving the detailed report after the project was completed.I highly recommend them.

Karl Daniels

Uprankly is the most professional outsource link builder in the business. We can rely on prompt service, quality links with detailed reports outlining the links acquired. Before we found Uprankly, we were disappointed with the links and the service of the other link companies, but since we have been using Uprankly, we’ve been impressed with service. Uprankly has been providing links to us and our clients for over 2 years and we will continue to work with them.

Melanie Walters
Influence Online Marketing

100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand that hard-earned money shouldn’t be wasted on anything that dissatisfies you. As a responsible blogger outreach agency, we are committed to giving you a 100% money-back if we fail to deliver as promised. No Questions Asked!



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a profit even if I'm inexperienced?

Yes! Once we create your website, we'll give you a fairly simple plan to follow so you can succeed with the highest chances. Of course, we offer packages that let us grow your website and do the hard work for you as well.

How long before I start earning money from my affiliate site?

When people find your content in search results, you start to get visitors to your site. It takes a few months for a new site to rank. We recommend you keep adding content and links and wait a few months (usually 3-6 months) to see the result. 

How much work do I need to do to make a profit?

The most important thing isn't how hard you work, but how consistently you work. A reasonable number would be roughly 1-2 hours of work per day. That's pretty maintainable while still allowing you to accomplish something worthwhile each day.

Do you build sites on aged domains?

Yes. We create content sites on aged domains. Site creation fees will remain the same whether we help you to buy an aged domain or use the domain you already have. We charge a fee separately if we need to buy an aged domain for you. 

Why will you target long-tail keywords first?

Ranking for a high competition keyword is difficult – you're up against all of the other websites targeting that same keyword. But ranking for a low competition keyword is much easier, so you have a better chance of making it to the first page of Google.

Will I need link building?

Since most of the keywords are low-competition keywords, you will need less link building to rank them. It is also true that sites with high quality links rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords. Starting the process of link building sooner rather than later will give you a bigger advantage over competitors and bring great benefits to your website in the long run.

Can you build sites around a niche I already have?

Choosing the right niche market is the first step to building a successful niche website. If the niches you have already chosen pass all the criteria we use to select a niche, we will definitely use one of them. We will explain the issues, if any, with the niches and work with you to choose a niche.

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