Finally! The Long Tail Keyword Research Service For Your Niche Site 

Get money-making low competition keywords for your Amazon affiliate, Adsense, or niche website.

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With Our Winning Keyword Sets, Make Your Content Site More Rankable With Fewer Links, Using Proper SEO Structure

Invest in our low-cost custom keyword research for your site, including low and no competition keywords, pillar keywords, and other relevant keywords – all of which create in-depth topic relevancy on your site. This pack also includes linkable content topics.
With our low-competition long-tail keywords, you can easily gain topical authority, increase engagement, and build links.
We’ll start by providing keywords under brand-new pillars for your existing site, and if you find no to low competition keywords that fit an existing pillar, we’ll select keywords for that hub and let you know where to use them.

Get Low-Competition Keywords to Strategically Build a Successful Content Site

Build an authoritative content site with our keyword packs.

Publish content using Pillar / Cluster Strategies to improve SEO & UX

By breaking one topic down in a hierarchical manner – like golf, then golfing techniques for example – you will help Google connect the dots and view your expertise more clearly. This is much more preferable than having information randomly scattered across your website, which is awful for rankings!

Rank as soon as you publish with no competition keywords

When SERPs don’t have any other pages with content targeting the same keywords, standing out at the top of the search is effortless. Google will also love you because you’ll override irrelevant pages that show up when people search for your targeted keyword(s)!

Target low competition keywords that we actually have a chance to rank

Keywords that you can rank for without much effort. You won’t have to build many links or have high website authority (Domain Rating) to rank for them and get organic traffic to your website.

Build links easily with linkable content with ease

Link building becomes easier if you have link-worthy content. Businesses and individuals are constantly in search of quality material to link to so that they have something of value to offer their website visitors. Use keywords to write relevant, link-worthy content (a “pillar”). Use this content to build links by leveraging your outreach strategy.

Hire Us With Confidence

We have a dedicated team of online marketers who've been helping content site entrepreneurs since 2006. The group has been working with site builders who use,,, and strategies to create niche websites. Our team has acquired substantial expertise and understanding in identifying long-tail keywords with little competition that are easy to rank.
Our keyword research services are affordable and we offer a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.


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30 Keywords

It's ideal if you already have a site.

  • 3x pillar content keywords
  • 12x medium competition keywords
  • 6x non-competition keywords
  • 9x low competition keywords
  • Delivery: 7 Days



30 Keywords

Create content with keywords without competition.

  • 3x pillar content keywords
  • 0x medium competition
  • 14x nocompetition keywords
  • 13x lowcompetition keywords
  • Delivery: 10 Days



100 Keywords

Create an affiliate site from scratch.

  • 3x pillar content keywords
  • 12x medium competition keywords
  • 6x non-competition keywords
  • 9x low competition keywords
  • Delivery: 7 Days

If you require a keyword pack that is tailored to your needs, please contact us.


How Does It Work?

Choose Your Package

Select the bundle that best suits your needs and budget. Once you've made a safe purchase, send us your information through this form.

Approve the Initial List

We’ll send our suggestions for pillars and keywords your way, and, upon your approval, we’ll initiate deep research to finalize your set keyword list.

Get Keywords

Happy? We’ll send you our full list of keywords with important accompanying notes!


If you don't like a keyword, let us know. We'll replace it. And if you don't like our keywords, we'll give your money back in full.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand that hard-earned money shouldn’t be wasted on anything that dissatisfies you. As a responsible blogger outreach agency, we are committed to giving you a 100% money-back if we fail to deliver as promised. No Questions Asked!



Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select keywords?

Our experienced SEO pros meticulously select keywords following manual analysis based on SERPs results, SEO metrics, and existing competition.

What is a Pillar and a Cluster?

This is a hub/main page exploring a core topic. E.g., Golf. Every cluster/topic links back to the main hub. E.g., Golfing equipment blog.

How do you measure keyword competition?

Keyword competition is a relative term. The competitiveness of a keyword is determined by the domain authority of a site. It is therefore relative to your site's competition. We evaluate competition based on your site's domain authority.

What is a no-competition keyword?

Generally, no relevant or optimized content is available for that search term. Google tries to show the result from multiple sources. This keyword has the best chance of ranking at the top of the search engine.

What is a low competition keyword?

If a few similar content sites with low domain authority appear on the search results page, we consider them low competition. The SERPs are not dominated by large authority sites. As soon as your site’s domain authority grows and you build a few links, you have a chance ranking at the top positions. We consider a wide variety of factors to choose these kinds of keywords.

What is a medium competition keyword?

To rank, they need domain authority and a few links. Your domain authority may require more links to rank. We define a competition as medium if it takes less than 20 links (Afrefs KD 20).

What will be the search volume?

Non-competition keywords will have a search volume of more than 50. The volume of searches for low competition keywords is close to 100. Medium competition and pillar keywords will be in the hundreds to thousands.

Need a Keyword List Example?

Please fill out the contact form to get an example longtail keyword list.