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Village Bakery Case Study

Helping a Family-run Kitchen and Food Blog Grow their Traffic and Digital Reach

Case Study Highlights

  • 30 Backlinks

    Our link-building campaign resulted in at least 30 new high-quality backlinks from relevant sources maintained by real bloggers.
  • 20 - 50 DA Score

    Links built to our client’s website are all from domains with a domain authority score of between 20 -50.
  • 3K - 40K Traffic

    All bogs we reached out to for backlinks generate at least 3K-40K incoming traffic on their own.
  • 26% Growth

    In organic traffic to our client’s websites with more on the way in the future!

    Who Is the Client?

    Our client is a family of passionate home cooks and kitchen connoisseurs who wanted to create a one-stop-shop where anyone in the world can come to learn how to run the kitchen of their dreams. From recipes to kitchen appliances to cooking tips as well as must-have ingredients and pantry items - they do it all. While they were relatively new to the scene, they had high ambitions to create a hugely successful and sustainable affiliate business around their passion project.


    Despite their unmistakable passion and dedication to their blog, they were still new and struggling to compete with their much more established competitors. Because of their headstart, our client’s competitors didn’t have to put nearly as much work in to enjoy a disproportionate share of traffic. Our client needed to jumpstart their operations by building high-quality links that would drive more organic search engine traffic to their website and give them the exposure and impressions that their excellent content deserves.

      The Solution

      With a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve, the client approached us to run a link-building campaign on their behalf. For our client, their blog was a big deal and not just a get-rich-quick scheme. Whatever approach we chose had to provide them with the sustainable growth they need to realize their vision as well as adhere to their brand’s ethos.

      With that in mind, we knew that there was only one proper course of action: a blogger outreach campaign.

      First, we researched and identified the leading bloggers, influencers, and online platforms with content relevant to our client’s niche. We then reached out to these real-life bloggers using various means in order to network and secure backlinks for our client.

    The Results

    The results speak for themselves

    Our intervention helped our client rapidly accelerate the traffic coming into their website. Through our successful link-building campaign, we also set our clients up to maintain this upward trajectory by building strong momentum for their SEO efforts.

    Most importantly of all, our client is now reaching more readers who are hungry for fun, informative, and relevant content in the kitchen and food niche.

    Here is the outcome by the numbers:

  • All new backlinks to our client’s website are from high-quality, relevant sources maintained by real bloggers.

  • We identified websites and blogs with traffic ranging between 3k - 4k to boost impressions for our client.

  • Websites linking to our client’s blog were also vetted for decent DA scores of between 20 -50.

  • Thanks to our efforts, our client experienced a 26% surge in traffic to their website, and counting.

    • What Our Client Said

      I'm very happy with this service. I ordered 10 links, then another 20 a couple weeks later. Mamun is fantastic at providing updates along the way. No other seller has updated me so much (without being prompted) during the course of my order.

      The links themselves are awesome. They're on highly relevant sites with great metrics. Great service at a very reasonable price.

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