Case Study


How We Helped a Software Company to Build Links From High-traffic Websites and IncreaseTraffic From Organic Search

Who Is Our Client?

Our client is a Fortune 500 company and the largest sporting goods retailer in the USA with over 850 stores and 30,000 employees. Through their e-commerce website, they offer a wide selection of sporting goods, accessories, apparel, and footwear for just about any sport or athletic activity. As the market leader, they also provide a helpful blog with related advice and news for visitors.


As a growing business, our client recently added numerous products and solutions to their catalog. As brand new pages, this content received little attention and was ranking low compared to their competitors for relevant keywords and search phrases.

To help raise awareness of their new offerings and reach new customers, they needed to increase the visibility of these new pages, fast. Not only did they want to generate more traffic and relevant leads for their new products, but they also wanted to increase their overall organic traffic and domain authority. Clearly, our client could benefit greatly from a targeted link-building campaign to help get their new products up to speed.

The Solution

Our expert link-building team jumped into action, devising a backlinking strategy specifically focussed on building links to our client’s home and product pages.

We took a holistic approach to the link-building campaign, utilizing a number of different techniques to provide the best result:

  • Conducting a competitor link-building strategy analysis
  • Launching a guest blogging campaign to generate high-quality backlinks from related niche domains
  • A resource page-specific link-building campaign to drive more traffic to this customer-oriented content.

In total, we worked closely with our client for a period of six months. However, with the link-building foundation we put in place, our client is sure to keep benefitting by continuing to grow their traffic, brand visibility, and SERP rankings.

The Results

Thanks to our concerted efforts and dedication to our client’s success, we helped them achieve all their targets. In the process, we also set them up for independence by providing them with a solid foundation of backlinks to keep growing their online presence.

Specifically, we helped them reach all of the following achievements:

  • Built 140+ backlinks from real, high-quality, high-traffic, and relevant 140 links from industry-relevant websites, blogs, and resource pages.
  • Starting to rank in the top 10 results in SERPs for main competitive keywords related to their home, product, and resource pages.
  • success matrics

    22 - 36

    Domain Authority

  • Increased domain authority score from Moz from 22 to 36, and counting!

What Our Client Said

I placed a link-building order on April the 26th and received my final report on May the 23rd. I was really impressed with this fast turnaround time!

My links were placed with the chosen anchor text on websites with a DA score ranging from 35 to 64 and traffic from 3.8k to 41k. The keywords are already making an impact now and I have seen a noticeable improvement in the last 2 days.

Overall great service and I will order again for sure in the future. Please contact me when you take new orders.

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