Case Study

Teach You To Sew

We Built 20 High-Quality Backlinks for an Affiliate Blog in the Sewing Niche

Who Is Our Client?

Our client posts all kinds of informational content on the topic of sewing. From listicles to guides to product comparisons and reviews - they are a one-stop learning platform for both novice and experienced sewists. Our client primarily earned an income from their blog through affiliate sales, stemming from their product reviews and recommendations.


Before approaching us, our client was struggling to increase their SEO rankings and grow their organic traffic. In particular, they wanted to build at least 20 high-quality backlinks that would increase their reach, build domain authority, increase their rank, and generate more traffic for their blog content.

These links needed to be from niche-relevant websites in order to maximize the rankings potential and drive high-intent leads to their pages.

The Solution

Our experience told us that the best way to achieve our client’s goals was through a well-thought-out blogger outreach campaign. The sewing market is a high field driven by a strong blogger presence.

To begin, we carefully researched the industry to identify the best opportunities in the form of other bloggers and influencers. Aside from relevance, we chose our candidates based on their monthly traffic, DA scores, and other factors to ensure that we earn valuable backlinks for our clients.

We then reached out to them through targeted and personalized email campaigns to secure as many opportunities as possible.

The Results

Our carefully chosen approach resulted in measurable success for our client, hitting all our intended targets. By achieving what we set out to do, we helped our client reach their ultimate goal of growing organic traffic to their website. However, the successful link-building campaign will also help to set up our client for future success.

  • We reached the target of 20 high-quality links from curated sources in their niche
  • success matrics

    3k - 40k

    Traffic Range

  • All links were built from sites with traffic in the range of between 3k - 40k
  • success matrics

    35 - 64

    Domain Authority

  • The linking domains had all had reputable DA scores of between 35 - 64
  • success matrics


    Client Website Experienced

  • As a direct result of these links, our client website experienced an 18% growth in organic traffic

What Our Client Said

I placed a link-building order on April the 26th and received my final report on May the 23rd. I was really impressed with this fast turnaround time!

My links were placed with the chosen anchor text on websites with a DA score ranging from 35 to 64 and traffic from 3.8k to 41k. The keywords are already making an impact now and I have seen a noticeable improvement in the last 2 days.

Overall great service and I will order again for sure in the future. Please contact me when you take new orders.

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