Case Study

Dicks Sporting Goods

Growing Traffic for the U.S.’ Largest Online Sporting Goods Retailer by 47%

Who Is Our Client?

Our client is a growing brand in the document management software industry, delivering paperless solutions and products for SMBs and enterprises. From streamlining workflows to decreasing paper costs to document and business process management, they are used to helping their customers solve complex problems that save time and money while improving their ROIs.


As the market leader in the sporting retail sector, our client wanted to replicate the success of their physical outlets for their online store. To do this, they wanted to build high-authority backlinks through outreach campaigns to sites relevant to their niche. The goal was to generate increased visits from more relevant leads as well as to rank higher for targeted keywords. The ultimate hope was to build on their already established brand reputation and increase conversions.

The Solution

  • We drafted a tailored strategy, based on our client’s solid foundations and stated goals. We quickly determined that a targeted blogger outreach campaign would be the fastest and most effective way to deliver the results they wanted.
  • We began by prospecting legitimate, niche-relevant websites maintained by real bloggers that would yield high-authority, high-quality backlinks for your client. By cross-referencing high-traffic sites with their respective domain scores, we were able to identify a number of high-value targets.
  • We then launched a guest-blogging campaign. We crafted high-quality and niche-relevant content that enriched the host websites and served as a springboard for building backlinks for your client.

What We Achieved

Not only did we help our client to achieve what they set out to, but also ensured they have a recipe for success going forward. Thanks to the newly created backlinks from niche-appropriate and top-class blogs, they now receive more visits from higher quality leads with real purchasing intention.

Our client managed to grow their organic traffic and sales and will continue to do so thanks to this foundation. Results aside, we built a positive and professional relationship based on our collaborative and tailored approach. Through our outreach efforts, our client also established their own mutually beneficial relationships with other established brands.

In summary, we helped our client build:

  • A continuous source of high-quality backlinks from websites managed by real bloggers with high relevancy.
  • success matrics

    1k - 45k

    Increase in Traffic

  • The websites linking to our client consistently generate 1k - 45k traffic a month each, funneling significant volumes of visitors to our client.
  • success matrics

    20 - 53

    Domain Authority

  • All linking blogs have a Domain Authority of between 20-53, boosting the authority and search ranking signals of our client’s website.
  • success matrics


    Client Experienced

  • Thanks to our efforts, our client experienced a 47% overall growth in traffic to its website.

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