Case Study

College Paper Writing

We Helped a College Paper Writing Service Grow Their Traffic and Brand Reach with 20 High-Quality Backlinks

Who Is Our Client?

Our client is a company offering college paper writing services. Their mission is to help students from all over the world submit grammatically correct and high-quality papers, even if English is not their first language.


Operating in a very niche-specific field, our client needed to find ways to improve their search engine traffic and generate more traffic for their website. Not only that, but they wanted to attract high-intent leads that found their pages via the most reputable and relevant platforms possible. Whatever strategy was used, our client needed to ensure increased traffic from both Google as well as other sources.

The Solution

We quickly identified link-building as the ideal route to help our clients succeed in reaching their objectives. In line with solving their unique challenges, we didn’t want to build just any links, but source the most credible, relevant, and high-quality opportunities available to secure the best possible outcome.

For that, we launched an intensive blogger outreach campaign with the aim of contextual link building. We carefully studied the market our client operated in to identify the most valuable opportunities. Then, we established connections with the owners of these top industry blogs and nurtured those connections to build backlinks for our client.

The Results

As link-building experts with a track record of helping clients achieve their SEO goals, our experience paid off once again. Not only did we hit all the targets that they approached, but we also provided them with friendly and attentive customer service.

Here are just some of the positive outcomes that we helped our client achieve:

  • 20 new, high-quality backlinks from relevant, high-quality blogs managed by real people to spread our client’s reach.
  • success matrics

    2k - 150k

    Traffic Growth

  • All incoming links are from websites with anywhere from 2K all the way up to 150K traffic resulting in massively increased impressions for our client.
  • success matrics

    25 - 50

    Domain Authority

  • All domains linking to our client are trusted by internet users and search engines alike with DA scores between 25 and 50.

What Our Client Said

I bought 20 links and will buy more as soon as I've got the budget for it.

The content is solid and the sites are all on the same niche. The metrics range from 42 DA (it was first supposed to be on a site with over 60 DA but there was some hiccup with that one and it got replaced) and over 150k in organic traffic to 28 DA and 2k traffic. I was really surprised by the quality of these sites they managed to find.

The seller is extremely responsive and kept me updated throughout the whole process.

Fantastic work, thank you.

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