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Colaz Case Study

Increasing Website Traffic & Consultations for a UK-Based Beauty and Skincare

Case Study Highlights

  • 122

    High-quality links built to 12 of the client’s commercial pages as well as 20 links to the homepage.
  • 39%

    Increase in traffic to the client’s website from UK-based visitors.
  • 17%

    Increase in weekly consultation bookings.

    Who Is the Client?

    Our client operates a chain of 9 beauty clinics and treatment centers in the UK. Among others, they offer a wide range of treatments like Laser Hair Removal, Advanced Aesthetic Treatments, and Skin Care. They pride themselves on offering the latest and most effective treatments without the exorbitantly expensive prices of some of their competitors. Alongside their brick-and-mortar facilities, they’ve also launched an online store selling beauty products and treatments.


    To continue their strong growth and serve their customers, our client needed to replicate the success of their physical clinics online. Specifically, they wanted to increase their organic search engine traffic to their commercial pages.

    As a result, the client approached us for to launch a link-building campaign with the aim of generating relevant links from high-authority sites. It was very important to our client that we strictly follow Google’s guidelines when building links, using only white-hat SEO strategies.

      The Solution

      Our team is always careful in only using above-the-board strategies when adopting link-building or other SEO Strategies for your clients. However, we took extra care to maintain the high standards and integrity of this particular client.

      In order to build the most relevant, high-value, and wide-ranging backlinks to our client’s commercial pages, we implemented a number of techniques:

    • Competitor analysis of link-building strategies

    • Resource page link building

    • Infographics link building

    • Through insightful resource pages and infographics, we not only helped our client build their rankings but also establish themselves as an industry authority as well as serve their customers with useful and relevant information.

      Simultaneously, we launched a guest-posting campaign to help our client reach new audiences, platforms, and build even more legitimate backlinks.

    The Results

    Not only did we assist our clients in reaching their goals, but we helped them do so on their own terms. In our time working together, we helped them achieve immediate results as well as a roadmap for continued growth:

  • We built 122 links for 12 separate commercial pages as well as 20 links for the client’s homepage

  • All links were from highly relevant sources related to the beauty and skincare niches.

  • We utilized a variety of link-building strategies in order to create a diversified and robust link profile.

  • We helped the client achieve 39% growth in organic traffic within the UK.

  • As a result, our client enjoyed a 17% increase in weekly consultation bookings for their physical clinics.

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