The LinkPro - dedicated link builder

Get a whole lot of links for your clients every month

The LinkPRO is a premium plan for clients who want to hire dedicated, full-time content marketing + link building experts to expand their team’s capabilities - without having more staff on payroll or signing up for long-term contracts.


How It Works

Experts Only

All our team members have created linkable assets + placed over 100 high-quality links for clients using White Hat strategies.

40 Hours A Week

Your dedicated link building + content marketing specialist will work on your projects - 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (except public holidays).

College Educated

All our staff members are college educated, fluent in English and trained to support your team in SEO-related tasks.

All our staff are well trained and have proven track record with previous clients. If you don’t like your new team member, we’d be happy to replace them with a new person who may be better suited for your needs.


What The Dedicated Link Buildier Can Do

Our link building specialists are experts at helping you build linkable assets, building relationships on your behalf and promoting your assets to relevant, authoritative sites in your niche.

You can expect your new team member to have the following skills:


How The Enagement Works

You get a dedicated team member who works only on your projects - for 40 hours every week.

Assigning Tasks

Invite them to your project management software (like Trello or Asana) and assign tasks easily.

Time Tracking

All our experts use HubStaff to track time spent on the tasks you assign to them. You can review the time log to provide feedback as required.

Priority-based Tasks

Our specialists will continue to work on the tasks you’ve previously assigned or new tasks which come up - based on urgency.


Your new team member will update your PM software and provide a summary of tasks completed every day.

On-demand Colloboration

Our experts can collaborate with other writers, analysts and designers on your team to complete the tasks assigned to them.

Global Talents

Most of our staff is based in our office in Bangladesh. Our other staff based around the world have a proven track record of delivering results with our past clients.

Uprankly's Role

How We Get Involved In The Process

You will work directly with the staff to assign tasks and get your projects done. We take care of everything else.

All Admin Tasks

We take care of HR, Payroll, Operations, IT and actively monitor your staff to ensure that they are working while on shift.

No Recruitment Costs

You only pay for the time that your new team member works for you. We’re responsible for finding the right person for your job.

Dedicated Account Mananger

For any issues you may have while working with us - your account manager will help you resolve it quickly and effectively.

How To Hire

Getting Started

Finding your new team member has never been this easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to train the staff we hire from you?

As we said, our staff are fully trained in content marketing, link building and content promotion. In case you want to train them on specific skills, you can do that.

Will I need to sign any agreement?

Yes, but all our terms are quite standard. Mostly, you agree that you will not work with the staff directly - outside of our contract. You will also not share your personal email or any other kind of contact information. He/she will also not be allowed to do so.

What are the payment terms?

You’ll be sent the invoice before the start the month. We’ll set you up with a subscription via PayPal or for recurrent billing.

What notice should I send If I want to cancel?

Though you can cancel anytime, but it will be good if you can let us know at least 2 weeks ago.

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