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Link Building Consultations & Link Research Service

Don’t know why your website isn’t ranking on Google? Want a clear plan to achieve the results you desire? The LinkAudit is a detailed assessment to help you understand the health of your link profile, find issues and create an action plan to help you achieve your goals. This package is perfect for online businesses.

Why the Link Audit Is Essential for Your Business

Your clients are looking for businesses just like yours on Google – and they trust the ones that show up on page 1. But why doesn’t your website show up there?

Reason #1

You don’t have a clean + natural link profile that is compliant with Google’s quality guidelines.

Reason #2

You might have issues you don’t even know about. Unless you fix the issues, your future investments in SEO won’t help you get a high page rank.

Reason #3

Your on-page and off-page SEO is not coherent - which makes Google determine that you’re not trustworthy.

How It Works?

We offer a variety of link-building services for SEOs, agencies, and companies
that want to drive more online visibility and traffic.

  • Intake Questionnaire

    Fill in the questionnaire to give us an overview of your business + marketing strategy.
  • 30-min Skype Consultation

    Share additional requirements, goals and SEO budget with our team during the consultation.
  • Link Profile Audit

    We will research and audit your existing link profile to discover + fix issues with your website (e.g. penalties, flagged links, broken links, etc).
  • Competitor Analysis

    Our team will analyse link profiles of 3-5 key competitors in your industry.
  • Link Acquisition Plan

    You’ll receive a custom link building plan based on the industry, keyword competition, your goals and our recommendations.
  • Detailed Report

    Walk away with a detailed report outlining the key issues with your link profile, action plan to solve issues, your competitor’s link building strategy and a custom link acquisition plan.

    The Link Audit

    Whether you are just getting started or have a half-baked SEO plan in place - the LinkAudit will give you a high-level roadmap to overcome critical issues, understand the competitive landscape and get an effective link acquisition plan to scale your SEO presence faster.

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