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Game Website Case Study

Building 55 High-quality Links for a Leading Gaming News Publisher

Case Study Highlights

  • 55 Backlinks

    The number of new high-quality, curated backlinks to your client’s pages.
  • 2K-150K

    The average traffic range of websites who are know linking to our client.
  • 30 - 50 DA

    The average domain authority of domains with links to your client’s domain.

    Who Is the Client?

    Our client is one of the top publishing sources of gaming-related news and articles. Their goal is to entertain and inform gamers all over the world as a reliable, up-to-date, and trustworthy source of information. Before engaging our services, they already enjoyed the status of being one of the leading voices in the gaming news industry.


    As our client was already a well-established brand with a successful online publication, they knew they had to go the extra mile to make further progress. To do that, they needed to build strong links from relevant, trusted, and high-quality sites using white-hat SEO strategies. As a source of news and information, our client’s trustworthiness and reputability were of the utmost importance.

      The Solution

      From the beginning, our team was dedicated to making sure we fully understand the needs, desires, and challenges facing our client. As always when launching a link-building campaign on the behalf of a client, we were very careful in identifying only the best possible leads to approach.

      We came up with a tailored strategy that we’ve learned from experience will work well in our client’s situation. In this case, it involved:

    • Researching the competition’s link-building strategies

    • Link-building to your client’s most valuable resource pages

    • Infographics link-building

    • Guest posting link-building

    • Through the combination of these techniques, we knew that we would help our client build a diverse, robust, and high-quality backlink portfolio.

    The Results

    The results speak for themselves

    Once again, our diligence and experience paid off. We managed to not only meet, but exceed, our client’s expectations by going above and beyond just building a bunch of backlinks. As always, we aimed for quality as well as quantity and did whatever was necessary to achieve worthy results.

    This is what we achieved by the end of our link-building campaign:

  • A diverse link profile for our client based thanks to using a variety of link-building techniques

  • All links were earned on websites with traffic in the range of 2K-150K

  • All domains linking to our client had a DA score ranging from 30 to 50

  • In total, we built over 55 high-quality links using the above guidelines

    • What Our Client Said

      First of all, the new links were all from real, highly niche-relevant sites, which is not easy to find. Good job on that.

      The most important part for me is that these websites also rank for several thousands of keywords and gets decent Organic Traffic. The articles themselves were super amazing - Properly researched and well structured.

      Probably the only thing I think can be improved is if the service provider was able to get me links from websites with slightly higher DA, although the package did only mention DA 30+.

      Overall, we had an outstanding experience and will definitely order again.

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