Skyscraper Link Building Case Study

What we did to get 34 links with one article using skyscraper link building strategy

Skyscraper Link Building Case Study

The site publishes informational content and earns money from affiliate sales. The client approached us to help him to build links using the Skyscraper link building strategy so that his site had a strong link profile with backlinks from other related sites which in turn would help him to get more traffic from Google and increase his affiliate income.

We researched and found out a couple good topics that we could work with him to write 3x better content. One of our writers wrote a mega post with more data and information. Our team also prepared a list of targeted bloggers. We contacted them through social media and emails and pitched our client’s content. The team also shared the content on social media groups.

The results were very good:

  • Got 34 links with the article
  • 400+ social shares
  • 11% percent growth in organic traffic

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