“From 0 to 875 Links“ Case Study

The case study of building 0 to 875 links of a new website through 20 outreach campaigns

Link Building For A New website Case Study

The client wanted to build links on an ongoing basis. It was a new site about kitchen products. They published tips, guides, and list type content on their blogs on health, fitness, and eating. They asked for our help to use their blog content to build links by outreaching to other bloggers who have linked similar types of contents and also to build links for their home page.

Our link building team took two different approaches. First, they found sites that linked to similar content, established relationships with them and then pitched the content. We also found new opportunities to promote the informational contents. Second, we used competition link building, resource page link building as well as found new opportunities to build links for the home page.

Our team also worked along with them to manage their social profiles – Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook pages.

We have worked with them for nearly 9 months and have run 20 outreach campaigns along with other link building campaigns.

Here are the results from our content promotion based link building efforts so far:

  • We built 875 unique links
  • 2000 percent increase in monthly visitors
  • 0 to 3301 Facebook fans
  • 0 to 7891 Twitter followers
  • 10000+ shares of content

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